Station rtty station
My first commercial rig :          OLIVETTI TE300 HW 32 from Heatkit (1975)
This TE300 teleprinter worked until 1987 I was using at that time : ST5 Terminal Unit (home made) A great transceiver : FT901DM from YAESU, And 3 elements yagi beam - 121 m asl
Yaesu FT-901DM Rtty radioamateur station
Teleprinters: CREED 7BN4, SAGEM SPE5, TELETYPE MODEL 26 and 28, OLIVETTI TE300
1  Home made computer:     AMD FX-6300 Processor 3.7 Ghz     500 Go SSD - 16 Go RAM 1 Laptop DELL Inspiron - 2.3 Ghz    120 Go SSD - 4 Go RAM
Home made computer:AMD FX-4350 4.2 Ghz 120 Go SSD 16 Go RAM
Cushcraft R8 antenna
And now : YAESU FTDX3000D and computer Vertical mounted roof antenna at 50 m asl
CUSHCRAFT R8 antenna


RTTY Radioamateur Station

Guadeloupe Island F.W.I

During my long ham’s career, I've owned the following devices : HW32, FR+FLDX500, FTDX500, FT250, TS520, ,FT901DM, FT980, FT1000D, FT1000MP MARK5